Nestled between the spectacular rocky cliffs by the beautiful sparkling clear waters and sunny skies lays the famous DAAIBOOI BEACH. This beach is a favorite with locals and tourists for its unspoiled nature and excellent hospitality facilities. DAAIBOOI is one of the most pristine beaches on Curacao.


Although many see only the beach as a recreational area, the natural richness of Daaibooi and its surrounding cliffs and very interesting historical artifacts make this an ideal area for more than swimming. Loggerhead turtles are known to nest on this beautiful beach.


Hikers can walk on several trails in the area on both cliffs enclosing the beach and in the so called Saliña, a dusty gray landscape in the dry period and wetland in de rainy period full of birds and other characteristic animals.


Fisherman shoot the breeze at one end of the beach and work on their boats, while visitors of the beach enjoy barbecues, kids playing in the sand, tourists sun bathing and enjoying the calm water at the other end— a typical Curacao beach scene.


Daaibooi is also known for (shore) diving. Divers have seen numerous types of sponges, star corals, pillar corals, brain corals, Elkhorn corals, and gorgonians as well as lots of typical reef fish.


This beach has gain popularity the last few years because of the excellent hospitality services, added facilities as well as a cleanup of the beach itself. Now that these things have happened the beauty of this beach shines even greater!

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Facilities on the beach:

  • Free entrance 24/7. 
  • Free parking.
  • Has a simple restaurant/snack bar where you can buy food and drinks.
  • Great for snorkeling.
  • Offers allot of shading (palm trees and small huts).
  • BBQ is allowed in designated area.
  • Shower & Restrooms.
  • Our team will be there to give you tips about the beach, its surroundings and Curaçao.

Daabooi Beach is located on the west side of the island in the small village in Bandabou called, St. Willibrordus.

From northwest of Willemstad, travel 7.3 km West on Weg Naar Westpunt from the Weg Naar Hato intersection. Turn left to head to St. Willibrordus and St. Marie. Travel 4.7 km to reach the intersection shown on the Saint Marie dive site. 


Detailed route description:

Coming from Willemstad you have to go in the direction of Banda'bou.

Following the Weg to Westpunt (the main road from the Eastern part of the island to the Western part) you will first see a parking lot with some small shops and a last option to buy some snacks before heading to the beach. This is the Daniel snack.

After that you have to take the first road to the left, St. Willibrordus. Following that road you will pass (on your left side) the Salinas where most of the time flamingo's can be seen. Keep following the road till you see the church of St Willibrord. Before the church (right after the Richinel snack) go to the left. 
With the church on you right hand side you take the road to your left. This is marked with a red stone indicating dive sites. Follow that road. Don't go to the left when you have the chance but follow the main road. 

This will bring you at the parking lot of Daaibooi beach
Park your car, find a shady spot on the beach and prepare for a peaceful day at the beach or just a dive.

Our team will be there to give you the tips of the day and provide you with the islands BEST French fries and ‘Frikandel Speciaal’.